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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Foreign natural persons may buy any real estate in Turkey where private property is allowed (residential homes, commercial workplaces, lands, etc.), providing legal limitations are observed. Read more

The process involves finding a property, signing a contract, getting a property appraisal, and registering the property with the Land Registry Office. Read more

Foreigners can buy apartments, villas, houses, and land in Turkey within legal limitations of the laws of the Republic.

The cost of property in Turkey varies depending on the location, type of property, and other factors. Generally, property in Turkey is affordable compared to many other countries.

Turkey’s title deed fees and taxes do not differ between Turkish and overseas citizens. Read more

Additional costs include real estate agent fees, property appraisal fees, and legal and notary fees.  Read more

Foreigners can buy property in most areas of Turkey except for military zones and some special protection areas.

No, a Turkish bank account is not required to buy property in Turkey, but it can make the process easier as new regulations require a foreign exchange document obtained through a Turkish bank. Read more

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage from a Turkish bank to buy property in Turkey. Read more

No, a residence permit is not required to buy property in Turkey, but once you have purchased a property it is easy to get a residence permit. It is important to work with a reputable real estate agent such as Ideal Estates to avoid any hidden fees. Read more

After all documentation and conditions are met, the property is transferred to the buyer after payment. The process of transferring ownership to a foreigner typically takes between two to three and days.

Subscriptions for electricity, water, gas, telephone services, etc., are amongst the most important things you need to organise after your property purchase. Ideal Estates assists you in making sure that all the paperwork is done so that you have a stress free process when applying for all your utility services. Read More

Real estate notary sales are now possible in Turkey. According to new legislation, Turkish notaries may now handle real estate transactions in addition to working with land registry offices.Notaries will utilize the land registration information system to obtain the required paperwork, enter the sales contract, and add any other pertinent paperwork. Read more



Real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the local property market and can provide you with valuable insights on properties, neighborhoods, and trends. They can also help you navigate complex real estate transactions and avoid common pitfalls.


IDEAL ESTATES is a leading real estate company in Turkey due to its experience, reputation, and wide range of properties available for sale. Read more


IDEAL ESTATES sells a wide range of properties including apartments, villas, houses, commercial properties, and land. Read more


IDEAL ESTATES' sales contract is prepared by a legal team with extensive knowledge and experience in the Turkish real estate market. Read more


Yes, you can rely on the sales contract prepared by IDEAL ESTATES, as it is legally binding and covers all necessary clauses to protect both the buyer and the seller. Read more


Taking an Inspection Trip with IDEAL ESTATES allows you to see a range of properties in different areas, with the guidance of a knowledgeable real estate agent. Our FREE inspection trips are an excellent and economical way to visit the region to discover our comprehensive range of new and resale properties.  Read more


IDEAL ESTATES viewing tours are well-organized and personalized to suit individual needs and preferences. Read more


IDEAL ESTATES offers a variety of services, including legal and financial advice, property management, and pre-sales and after-sales services. The following links will provide all the answers you require:



Yes, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through property investment in Turkey. In 2018, the Turkish government introduced a new regulation that allows foreign nationals to acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate. Read more

Economic reforms in the last decade made it more advantageous to invest in Turkey. A suitable infrastructure has been created to attract foreign investors. Having the same rights and regulations for foreign and domestic investors offers a secure environment for foreign property investment in Turkey. Read more

Turkeys healthcare services  are very comprehensive and of the highest quality. If you are covered by private or general healthcare insurance, you can benefit from healthcare services in Turkey, depending on your insurance coverage. You have to pay for healthcare services if you are not insured. The Turkish healthcare system includes emergency health services and primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare centers. Read more

The Republic of Turkey is a state governed by the rule of law. The laws apply equally to all, irrespective of language, race, colour, sex, political views, philosophical beliefs, religion, denomination, etc. The written provisions of law consist of the Constitution, Acts, Statutes, Regulations, Directives, Communiqués and other regulatory procedures. In addition, properly implemented international conventions have legal effect. Read more

After buying real estate in Turkey, one of the best ways to integrate is to seek work or start your own business in Turkey. The constitution guarantees the right to establish a business or work in Turkey and everyone is entitled to this right, including foreigners, but specific criteria have to be met. Read more

Popular locations include are Antalya, Istanbul and Bodrum, but the best location depends on individual preferences and goals. Read more

Yes, it is possible to rent out your property in Turkey. Ideal Estates has a rental programme to assist their customers who want to earn a rental income. Read more

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